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The 3 that shocked the World

With 37 seconds left to go in the ball game and 33 seconds on the shot clock Ali Farokhmanesh, a 6ft senior for Northern Iowa, could have easily milked the clock, but he didn’t, he fired a 3…and nailed it. money, buckets, ‘J’ied it in his eye, whatever you want to call it, he made the shot. That very shot sealed the game for Northern Iowa who were playing number one overall seed Kansas. Sealed the coffin shut. Let’s rewind and go play by play. So, on the previous possessions, Northern Iowa turned the ball over on the in-bounds pass or the pass ensuing the in-bounds pass. Kansas inched closer and was down by one point, maybe this magical upset wasn’t meant to be…or was it? Jake Koch in-bounded the ball to Adam, who then made a dangerous pass to Ahelegbe, who managed to avoid a steal by the Jayhawks and fire up-court to Farokhmanesh. What happened next was simply magic to watch. Ali, who had been 3-9 from 3 up until that point elevated, released the ball, and swoosh. Nothing but net. The Panthers bench erupted and then when on the other end…charge…at that point everyone knew the Panthers had just shocked the world.

The Shot Heard Round the World

The definition of clutch

That shot defines March Madness, this is why we watch the game, and to be honest, I don’t care that my bracket is absolutely horrendous now, seeing magical things like that is why we watch the game, to get away from reality and just relax. This shot made his day. This shot defines his career. And this shot will follow him for the rest of his life. This shot was heard around the world, and made you say, “Why the hell would you take that?” yet deep down you though, “Good decision kid, good decision” This years March Madness has been essentially defined by that one shot. That shot was gutsy, pro, boss, and superb. That shot screwed my bracket, and probably yours even though I didn’t have them winning. (Thats two teams out of my final four now).  This team made history, and it was the same old for the number 1 overall seed, all because Ali Farokhmanesh, as Lil’ Wayne said, “I got ice in my veins”. Check out my video on soon to come


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Why can’t Peyton Manning win? It can’t be that hard can it?

So, Peyton Manning walked off of Dolphin stadium a loser, and showed the world how to act as a sore loser with class. He didn’t shake hands with the Saints, but answered questions asked by the media. LeBron pulled a similar one except he did not answer questions from the media, he just left.

Is Manning trying to pull a Lebron? Get really really really really far and always lose?

When I said he did it with class, I mean the only classy part was that he answered reporters questions, nothing else, other wise it was about as classy as going into bed with a suit and tie (I honestly don’t know if that made sense). Bad sportsmanship? Yes. Disappointment? Yes. I am sure Peyton Manning will remember this Super Bowl for a long time to come, if you don’t know why I don’t know how you live life without watching the Super Bowl. But, the question that I am answering is stated in the title, let’s get down to it.

Peyton Manning was leading his typical 4th quarter comeback with around 3:12 left in the 4th quarter and Reggie Wayne was about to cut back, make a first down grab and keep the chains alive when for a split second Tracy Porter reached out for the ball in front of Wayne and was off to the races, for 74 yards to make the score 31-17, making another typical Manning comeback a dream…a dream. Speechless, speechless is pretty how Manning & Crew were after the game. Peyton Manning is now 9-9 in playoffs and many analysts are beginning to doubt his name as one of the best QB’s in the game. (what the HELL?) I understand what they are saying though, sure he might break every passing record or something like that (granted if Mr.I can’t decide to retire doesn’t come back). But, Manning has only won one Super Bowl, and in that Super Bowl he essentially played one of the worst games of the year, statistically speaking. So, yeah has it been so hard for Manning to win, why has he gotten so far, yet always seems so far away? I’ll tell you why. The Colts ENTIRE game plan; yes, even defense and special teams wise, revolves around Mr.Manning. The offense: he IS the quarterback (enough said) Defense: Peyton Manning puts together long scoring drives that keep an average defense off the field, yes the Colts defense is average. This keeps the other teams offense off the field, which won’t allow them to score giving Manning & Co the best chance to win. Special teams: Manning’s failure= punts, or he gets the team into field goal range. In a sense, Manning is the WHOLE team, and if he fails, the team fails, as shown by his multiple playoff loses. Take Peyton Manning out, and one can see why the Colts are okay, in fact the Colts are below average when Manning is not in the game. EX. game against the Jets that ended the Colts undefeated season.

All in all, the reason why Manning cannot reach the summit is because he is not surrounded by a great team, he MAKES the team great. But, you might ask…Sina, isn’t that a QB’s job? Why yes it is, but ex. Drew Brees made his so called ‘mediocore’ receivers into elite ones. He made Reggie Bush more of a threat, and on the other side his defense won so many games for him when their high flying offense stalled the defense picked up and won the game. All in all, until Manning gets a much more balanced team, he will remain with one Super Bowl ring.
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Super Bowl Prediction

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